Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ties - Laços

Para ver, sentir, pensar.

Youtube Project Direct was a film challenge for directors with something to say. Of the many excellent short films submitted, 20 were selected as finalists by award-winning filmmaker Jason Reitman and a panel of industry experts. The YouTube community then voted for their favorites.

A letra da canção


I could go to Australia
I could fly to Japan
Could go to South America
Well, everybody can

Could run like hell to China
I could go to Egypt
Could run like a late rabbit and I wouldn't move one bit

I'm stuck here in the darkness
Blinded by all the light
Standing outside my body with my body still in sight

I could travel the whole world
I could just stand up still
And that's, I know, an image that would make some people ill

Someday somebody said to me
I think it was a man
"As long as you're okay with it"
And that I think I am.

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